How to get around St. Maarten/St. Martin by bus


The public transportation on St. Maarten / St. Martin consists of taxis and buses.

Where are the bus stands? They basically spread out throughout the island, and they are not really stands or shall I say not everywhere there are stands. Basically you go on the side of the road and wait to see a bus and then wave at them, just like how you would take a cab in the USA. It’s the same for stepping out. The buses on St. Maarten are known for stopping anywhere they damn want, even in the middle of the road, the cars in the back of the bus just have to wait… This is kind of advantageous for the passenger, you just scream “Stop, please” and the bus driver stops right there and then. There are also no bus schedules. You could be seeing 10 buses in 5 minutes or 1 bus in a half an hour.
You will never get stranded anywhere on the island, there’s always a bus around.

There are areas where it’s tough to get a bus, like for instance going to Pointe Blanche: there is no bus going there. The farthest the bus will go is Philipsburg and from there on you have to walk.

When you see a bus you always have to look for the sign behind his windshield with his destination.

Mostly the destinations are:
Dutch Quarter
French Quarter
St. Peters
Cole Bay
Mullet Bay

The bus fares are like $1 per region. It’s also a cash service, there are no tickets or sales offices, each bus driver is actually the owner of his bus, and he takes your money. The buses are small 6 to 8 passenger buses.

The buses drive up to 9 to 10pm daily and in the weekend up to 11pm.

Going to the beach by bus? They don’t really go there, except Mullet Bay and Grand Case. There is no bus going to Orient Beach for example. You can take the bus to Grand Case and go to the beach there, or from Grand Case you can take a bus heading to French Quarter and tell the driver you want to go to Orient Beach. He will drop you off the road and you would have to walk it.

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