Internet and Wifi access on St. Maarten / St. Martin


Staying in touch through the Internet or Wifi on St. Maarten is easy and convenient. You just need to know where to go. If you bring your laptop for your job then do so but if you are bringing it just so you can email home and stay in contact then I recommend leaving it behind and using the many internet cafes or staying in hotels which have internet access.

Major internet cafes on the top of my list are:

The Mailbox at La Palapa Center, Airport Road 30 in Simpson Bay

The Business Center in Simpson Bay Yacht Club

Of course all this is obsolete if you come to the island with an Android Smartphone or an Iphone or Ipad. Most tourist places on the island offer free wifi. For example the Zeebest Breakfast place in Simpson Bay Yacht, or Beirut Restaurant in Simpson Bay, all have free Wifi. If I have time and if anyone cares I could make a list of free Wifi on St. Maarten.

Payphones on St. Maarten
Okay, payphones have become extinct. Previously I wrote about these blue payphones all over the island, but this site is updated, and they are very hard to find. So, no more payphones.

I suggest again to visit the Mailbox on the Airport Rd. Simpson Bay to make long distance calls.

Cellular phones on St. Maarten
I have seen many visitors bring their own cellulars from Europe and the USA where they get a signal here without trouble and be able to receive calls. There are GSM/3G/4G networks and also a TDMA network. If you are planning to stay longer on the island you can buy a SIM Card for your cellular to get a local number and prepay for your call credit. You can also rent a cellular phone should you want to be reachable from The Mailbox in Simpson Bay.

The cellular carriers on the island are:
I am talking mostly from the Dutch side as I think it’s more easier

  • Telcel
  • Chippie from UTS

My information would not be complete if I didn’t tell you where you can get a SIM card. Again, The Mailbox in Simpson Bay is a clear winner as they do sell SIM Cards, and Simpson Bay location is so convenient. Once you have that SIM card, you can put it in your phone, you would have a local St. Maarten number and you can also activate data service on it. The price is pretty reasonable $30 for 30 days 3G or $35 for 4G service. The UTS 4G is what I have on my Iphone and I am telling you, I walk on the street and have streaming radio from the internet and I do make all my calls through the data service, and the internet is almost faster on the street with 4G than what I have at home šŸ™‚

On French St. Martin you have:

  • Orange Caraibes
  • Dauphin Telecom
  • Bouyges Telecom
  • Amigo (Alliance with Telcel from Dutch St. Maarten)

Mail from St. Maarten/St. Martin

For the few people who still write letters and postcards there is a main post office on the pondfill in Philipsburg if you come from Colebay it is the street on the right (left is the Great Salt Pond) just before the traffic lights by the Police Station. There is not a long waiting line in this post office.

On French St. Martin the main post office is located in the centre of Marigot next to the court house. Be prepared to wait long lines however pretty cool if you have Euro coins and if it works they have stamp vending machines so you don’t have to wait in line.

There are postcards for sale in many different places.

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