Where to have breakfast on St. Maarten / St. Martin


Depending on which side you are of the island and how early you wake up, and of course if you’re not having breakfast at your hotel, there are many options to choose from.

If you know of places, please do send me a message. Both sides of the island have Subway franchises for those who are used to it and don’t want to try anything new. The French do their breakfast the best (Petit Dejeuner) with fresh baked bread, or artisan bread, croissants, crepes and other goodies.

French St. Martin Breakfast places


There is an amazing place Coffee Club on the Rue du President Kennedy, (it’s the street where the entrance is of the Marina Royale). It’s a gay couple and they offer very fine ingredients breakfasts and lunch. A must place to go to.

Sarafina, is located on the Marigot waterfront, they recently renovated and covered the outside deck, before it was very hot in the sun. I used to love it, but I feel that the pastries are not always super fresh, and therefore…I found another place with super fresh pastries and great coffees and lunches called Le Divin, it’s also on the same Marigot Waterfront a couple of places further than Sarafina’s.

Pictures here below are Le Divin:

stmaarten-pastries-ledivin1 stmaarten-pastries-ledivin2

There is one more gem in Marigot and I forgot the name now, but if you go to the Marina Royale, stand in front of the Rolex store entrance, there is a small alleay next to the Villebrequin store, there is an amazing breakfast and lunch place there, very fine ingredients.

Orient Beach
Most of the beach cafe’s serve breakfast. I suggest La Playa for stylish food and bang for your buck right at the beach.

Grand Case
As soon as you enter Grand Case from the Marigot direction you will see a sign that you can’t enter the street on the left, that is the main boulevard where all the restaurants are located. Park your car around here and go look up right at this corner the Portofino place. They have fresh french bread sandwiches, croissants, french pastries and great coffee. If I do get a breakfast, I am getting it here. The also have American breakfast with eggs and orange juice.

Concordia (Side of Marigot)
You know, I love this place, it’s the only bakery there called Crousti Bread. I love their fresh french bread sandwiches. Bread is fresh since they are also a bakery. I also have great dificulty explaining how to find it. Concordia is a place you can easily get lost. I will drive up there again and update you later. Sorry

Dutch St. Maarten Breakfast Places

Simpson Bay

Cappuccino Diner is open 24hrs a day and has an open deck. They have a full breakfast menu featuring omelets, pancakes and French toast.

Zee Best is a place that has been voted by many as the best breakfast spot on the island. They have fresh croissants, pastries, baked goods fresh juices and huge coffee selection. I personally love the mushroom and cheese omelet. Great atmosphere, lots of people and very successful. They are located at Simpson Bay Yacht Club. Just park your car anywhere and you’ll find them close to the dock entrance.
They also have a location at the Marina in Port de Plaisance. Don’t be mistaken with Top Carrot also located at Simpson Bay Yacht Club. This is a more vegetarian and a bit bohemian-upscale breakfast and dinner place. All is fresh and health is the common nominator here. Here they also serve fresh fruit and vegetables juices you have never tasted before in your life. Greatly recommended.

There’s also Taste factory in Simpson Bay close to the bridge and French Bakery (La Sucriere) in Simpson Bay on the airport road, look for the Fedex sign.


Rendez Vous Lounge – very nice place, great fine breakfast as well. Located in Porto Cupecoy residences.

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